Friends Album
Devoted Son, Brother, Friend and Pilot. Please send your photos to Also check the Contact page for more info. NEW Photos added Jan. 4.

Graduation Day!

bitches flying pic small.jpg

Flying with VS-32

bracher fcf flight pic small.jpg

FCF Flight with VS-32

#2 pic Maine Air Show 05.jpg

Maine Air Show


Reunion weekend

compaq 070.jpg

Christmas on deployment


Beer Day!


Scott with the S-3

NY Sept 2004 025.jpg

Scott and Tara, Sept. 2004

Scotty promotes to LCDR.jpg

Scott promotes to LCDR


Todd & Kathy Brown, Scott, Jen & Dave Baker


Scott and Dave Baker

Maine Air Show 05.JPG

Liz & Scott at Maine Air Show '05


Dave, Scott & Todd

30th Company Class of 1994 (Dahlgren).jpg

30th Company Class of 1994

Dave Matt Scott Wedding.jpg

Dave, Matt, Scott-June 1997

Kara Matt Scott Dave wedding.jpg

Dave, Matt, Kara, Scott

Bracher group wedding serenade.jpg


Wedding dancing bracher group.jpg

June 1997

Matt Scott Promotion.jpg

Scott and Matt get promoted

Men pool wedding.jpg

Orlando, June 1997

Navy men wedding 1.jpg

Orlando, June 1997

Scott Matt Beach.jpg

Scott and Matt, Mission Beach, San Diego, 1998

Scott Matt Beach Sunset.jpg

Sunset on Mission Beach

Mickey takes on Kuato.jpg

Mickey takes on Kuato


Reunion Weekend


Dave, Todd and Scott


Reunion weekend


Reunion weekend

Singing Back in Black 2000

Singing "Back in Black" by Kiwi, Brewski, Naval Academy guy, Beetle, and Britches - Jacksonville, 2000

Breakdancing 2000

The only picture on record of Britches breakdancing - Jacksonville, 2000

Scotty B and Mikey G.jpg

Scotty B and Mikey G

Getting Jiggy at Viking East 2001

Scott gettin jiggy at Viking East - Jacksonville 2001

Viking East 2001.jpg

Viking East 2001

St Thomas with Wally Tara Kirby Mike.jpg

Wally, Tara, Scott, Mike and Kirby in St.Thomas - Virgin Islands 2001

Memorial Day with Justin Saladino.jpg

Memorial Day with Justin Saladino

Not now!.jpg

Not now!


Army-Navy game flyover. LCDR Dave Baker Lead Pilot. Dedicated to Scott.

Chris's wedding Pic.jpg

At Chris' wedding

New Orleans Pic.JPG

New Orleans